New Zealand’s clean, unspoiled landscape, temperate climate and diverse soil types combine to produce wines of rare quality.

Owner and Managing Director, Danny Bearsley, is passionate about promoting the best of what New Zealand has to offer on the world stage.

Teaming up with leading family owned wineries, Ka Tahi Wines is pleased to offer an exquisite range of stunning wines.

Careful vineyard selection and highly skilled viticulture results in production of magnificent grapes, which are then crafted into fine wines through the skills and dedication of our innovative wine makers.

We pride ourselves on choosing world class wines, produced by some of the best wine makers in New Zealand. And with a wide range of varietals available, we provide for the most discerning of tastes.


This is our operational base in Hawke’s Bay.


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Ka Tahi Merlot Melbec
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Rangatira Syrah Reserve