Event Wine

Wine lovers can now enjoy New Zealand and imported wine directly in a glass from an attractive single serve container.

Made from 100% recyclable PET plastic it is convenient and eco-friendly.

Premium Wine – Only premium wine is used.

Safe – Tamper evident foil seal with re-sealable over cap to prevent spillage and drink spiking.  PET is unbreakable.

Eco-friendly – a PET container takes 60% less energy to make and recycle.  It is also 80% lighter than glass so takes less energy to transport and handle.

Reusable – Can be re-used due to the re-sealable over cap.

Innovative – Patented technology locks in the characteristics of the wine.

Convenient – Perfect for day trips and events.

Fast – Easy to chill and fast to serve.

Corporate branding – can be printed with your own or an event logo.

Just peel back the foil seal and enjoy.

Event Wines Glasses
Event Wine