Bearsley Farms owns and leases orchards through Hawke’s Bay, known as the fruit bowl of New Zealand. The fertile soil and temperate climate provide ideal growing conditions, while Bearsley’s experienced team of orchard managers ensure only the best fruit is grown and exported.

All Bearsley apples are produced under NZIFP protocols (New Zealand pip fruit Integrated Fruit Production), which ensures production is carried out in an environmentally sensitive manner – from planting to post harvest handling. IFP implementation has led to a major reduction in insecticide use, including a 95 percent reduction in organophosphate (OP) insecticide use.

Our fruit is graded and packed at internationally recognized pack houses with reputations of delivering consistently high quality fruit. Bearsley Exports and a subsidiary company, NZAppleCo, then market the fruit to global destinations including UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Asia.

The production season (and most exports) is in the period from February to June each year.

  • Main varieties: Royal Gala, Braeburn, NZ Beauty, NZ Queen, NZRose, Fuji, and NZ Rouge.
  • Packaging: All standard packaging types available
  • Method of Shipment: Container